Our approach is holistic with total product development cycle in mind. We have an open, permissive and iterative environment with the support and access to rigorous process and highest level of clinical, technical, business, regulatory and IP expertise. The NCC-PDI has a diversified team of experts who can provide guidance and assistance in addressing those special challenges in developing pediatric devices, such as:
  • How to address issues that are particularly sensitive to pediatric patients, such as radiation exposure
  • How to design and prototype device with the right form factor for small children
  • How to maintain high standard of quality and safety in design and manufacturing
  • How to be financially viable with a small target patient population
  • How to adapt adult device to children, which are often used off-label
We welcome projects at all stages of product life-cycles: concept formation, prototyping, preclinical, clinical, manufacturing, marketing, and commercialization. Regardless of stage of the development, when an innovator seeks advice and assistance from our consortium, we will start with a meeting with our coach coordinators. The coordinator will evaluate the project and identify within the consortium who can advise on strengthening the innovator’s case. Beyond advisory and paid-in-kind services, the NCC-PDI will also have an annual solicitation for seed funding. See the application.